Community Supports

Listed below are a variety of resources for aging individuals, caregivers, and professionals who work in this field.  Click on the icon to go directly to the site.  


A caregiver resource center.  Helps caregivers to navigate their role and give them the information, assistance and support they need:  Dementia, Legal Information, Health Balance, Medical, In-Home Care, and much more.

Alzheimer’s Association

An informative website for more information about Alzheimer’s Disease and caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer’s Store

Products and information for those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Products have been selected to make living with Alzheimer’s Disease as easy as possible.


A resource on support for caregivers and the help needed to assist with a cancer diagnosis.  They provide a free monthly support group for patients and their families to help equip them with the skills and counseling they need during the most difficult of times.

The Caregiver Action Network

Education, peer support, and resources that serve a broad spectrum of family caregivers ranging from the parents of children with special needs, to the families and friends of wounded soldiers; from a young couple dealing with a diagnosis of MS, to adult children caring for parents with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Community Resource Guides

Click here to find a Community Resource Guide for each county in the Kerr-Tar Region.  These guides are full of information about local resources in that particular county.  

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina is dedicated to providing education, support, and services to individuals with dementia, their families, health care professionals, and the general public while raising awareness and funding for research of a cause(s), treatment, prevention, and cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.

Department of Health & Human Services

NC Department of Health & Human Services has a variety of resources for caregivers and their caregiving recipients.  

The Duke Dementia Family Support Program

Your source for help with Alzheimer’s, memory disorders, and edler care decisions.  The Duke Family Support Program serves families and professionals concerned about or caring for persons with memory disorders in North Carolina, and Duke employees seeking help with elder care decisions.  


A comprehensive handbook for all caregivers who seek guidance, resources, and self-management.  

Elder Care Locator

A public service of the US Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families.  

Elder Care Planning

Fully equipped directories for information on aging programs and services anywhere in the United States.  

Family Caregiver Alliance

FCA is a longtime advocate for caregivers in the areas of policy, health, and social system development, research, and public awareness on the state, national, and international levels.  Services include:  Assessment, care planing, direct care skills, wellness programs, respite services, and legal/financial consultation vouchers.  

Mondays with Melanie

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina introduces its new YouTube channel with a series called, “Mondays with Melanie.”  Registered nurse and dementia caregiver specialist, Melanie Bunn, will answer viewer questions on a wide range of caregiver topics every Monday.  To submit a question for consideration, visit:

NC Care 360

NCCARE360 is the first statewide coordinated care network to better connect individuals to local services and resources.

Next Avenue

Next Avenue is public media’s first and only national journalism service for America’s booming older population.  Next Avenue delivers vital ideas, context, and perspectives on issues that matter as individuals age.  

Next Step in Care

Next Step in Care has five categories of information for you to choose from:  the hospital, discharge planning, rehabilitation and subacute care, care at home, and outpatient care.